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Only Premium Buyers can contact sellers of new listings advertised in the last 14 days.

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Contact a seller and we will automatically and confidentially send you the seller's contact details, such as telephone number, by receipt of email.

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Let sellers know you're a serious buyer. All your messages will be highlighted as prioritised "Premium Buyer" messages.

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Find out who is selling their business privately. All private sellers will be highlighted.

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Premium Buyers receive full access to our customer services team; providing you both email and telephone support.

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Save searches you use the most – access your results more quickly.

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Receive daily or weekly email alerts when businesses that meet your search criteria appear on the website.

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Keep track of the businesses you’re interested in with a shortlist folder and contact many sellers at the same time.

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Tell sellers what kind of business you are looking for. Create a message with your search criteria and sellers will contact you directly when they have a match.

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View and download attached documents and weblinks.

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* Information is provided with the permission of the seller. If seller wishes to remain anonymous, the information will be unavailable.

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